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03. International Probate

International Probate

When someone dies, what happens to their properties and loved ones is often decided through the probate process.  As a leading immigration law firm in the Haitian community, it only makes sense that we help our client take care of their belongings that are left behind once they come live in the U.S. and later die here. When the deceased owned property both in Haiti and in the U.S., two separate courts processes will be needed for the properties located in Haiti and in the U.S. Because Attorney Laguerre is licensed to practice both in Haiti and in the U.S., he takes pride in being a focal point for the families trying to deal with their inheritance located both in the U.S. and in Haiti

Probate Involving Foreign Properties

The inheritance laws vary from one country to another. The country where the property is located often has its own process and requirements the heirs must follow regardless of their nationality or country of residence. If your deceased loved one left any type of property (land, house, bank account, car, etc.) that are located in Haiti, we will help you take possession of these properties through the proper legal channel.

Probate Involving Foreign Beneficiaries

Even if the deceased person only left properties that are located in the U.S., things can be complicated when some of the potential beneficiaries reside overseas. The court in the U.S. will make sure that the beneficiaries are not left behind. You don’t need to be in the U.S. to inherit what your parents left for you in the U.S. Our firm can represent your interest throughout the entire probate process to make sure that you receive what is yours.

Last Will and Testament

(under both Haitian Law and Florida law)


A will is a document that states your final wishes, including how you want to distribute your property. When you have properties located in different countries, you need to

make sure that the court of that country will accept your will as valid and will uphold your final wishes. Our firm can make sure that your last will and testament comply both to U.S. laws (Florida) and Haitian laws.

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